Harnessing the Power of Technology to Create a Safer Tomorrow

More than 70% of road accidents involving heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks could have been mitigated with T-Guard.

T-Guard is a robust Drivers Management System which incorporates Facial Recognition, Fatigue & Distraction Detection, Drivers’ Habits and Performance Monitoring and Collision Prevention.

Professional Consulting

We work with Transport Companies of all sizes to determine the best fit solution.

Valuable Ideas

We provide ideas on how Transport Companies can improve driver management.

Responsive Service

Our Team is fully optimized to assist clients ranging from small  to national driver fleets.

Real Time Data

We provide our clients and fleet management with multiple data points to effectively manage driver fleets.


We deliver leading edge technology for our clients to reduce accidents while fostering safe driving practices.

Companies We Work With


    T-Guard - The Preferred Choice for Safe Driver Management Is the culmination of TNT Surveillance's leading technology combining facial recognition & real time driver intervention to prevent potential accidents caused by fatigue and distractions.


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